Work With Gerlach Snow Removal Lawn & Landscape Today

Work With Gerlach Snow Removal Lawn & Landscape Today

Landscape services to keep your Northfield, MN lawn beautiful

Retaining walls can give your yard the elegant touch you’re looking for. Gerlach Snow Removal Lawn & Landscape can install the perfect wall for your Northfield, MN property. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home or business, retaining walls can also hold back soil and water. It’s best to let our professionals install your wall because we:

  • Can make sure your wall meets Northfield codes
  • Use top-notch, durable materials to make it last as long as possible
  • Can plan your drainage system

  • Once we’ve installed your retaining wall, you’ll have a hardscape addition that will make your yard pop.

    Call 507-581-6476 today to schedule your retaining wall installation in Northfield, MN.

Whether curved or straight, we’ll make sure it looks great

Gerlach Snow Removal Lawn & Landscape will create a gorgeous retaining wall for your Northfield lawn. You’ll love how much your new accent piece complements your home or business once we’re done.

Contact our office in Northfield, MN today for more information about retaining walls.